P.O.P. LED Display


Iphone Case With Power Bank

  • Dual power supply control chip
  • Programmable processor
  • High - precision fuel gauge
  • Multi-protections

  • Product Description:

    With 300 bright LEDs this iphone case with power bank has what it takes to impress and brings a special and unique experience. Smartphone with this flamboyant case using Bluetooth. Once installed the

    Key Features

    • Word - Intelligent text editor, light up what you write.
    • Picture - More pictures and animations , show what you choose.
    • Individuality - Words and Pictures are not enough, do it yourself.
    • Setting - More functions set, Waiting for you to discover.

    Mechanical Diagram



    iPhone Case With Power Bank



    Bluetooth Version


    Transmission Range Up to 10m

    Power Supply

    Lithium Battery
    Battery Buit In 3500 mA

    Charging Time

    About 1 Hour

    Standby Time

    About 60 Hours

    User Time

    About 10 Hours

    Operating Temperature

    0 to 45 Degrees Celsius

    Storage Temperature

    -10 to 70 Degrees Celsius

    Product Dimensions 13.5 x 6.5cm (L x W)
    Product Weight 48g


    Contact: Ms. Yammie Lam (Sales Manager)
    Phone: 852 - 92701501 (HK)
    Tel: 852-28082848
    Email: info@winnerelect.com
    H.K. Office:

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