P.O.P. LED Display


LED Limo Sign

  • Bright and Dynamic LEDs
  • IR sensor allows remote control programming
  • 4-6 hours by recharge battery
  • 12volt led car message sign

  • Product Description:

    The Limo Sign is the newly designed sign that takes portability and flexibility to a new level.The on-board programming allows for quicker programming by remote.

    Key Features

    Upper and lower case letters
    The sign with handle weighs less than 10 ounces
    Removable holding stick
    High bright Red LED
    • Patent pending

    Mechanical Diagram


    Item LED Limo Sign
    7 x 50 dots
    3 buttons on the back to control brightness, speed and # of message
    Display Color Red
    Frame Color Black
    Communication Input by remote controller
    Power Rechargeable battery via external adaptor, USB port, cigarette lighter
    Message Each messages can store 100 characters and up to 20 messages in total
    Display Effect 6 levels of moving methods
    Speed And Brightness 8 levels of moving speeds & 3 levels of brightness
    Battery Life 4-6 hours rechargeable battery
    Operation Environment -4oC to 113oC
    Language English


    Contact: Ms. Yammie Lam (Sales Manager)
    Phone: 852 - 92701501 (HK)
    Tel: 852-28082848
    Email: info@winnerelect.com
    H.K. Office:

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