Software & Manual For ASC434 LED Display


  1. Tricolor LED, 8 color sytles, variable brightness levels
  2. Single line or dual line
  3. Able to incorporate picrtures or logos in BMP or JPEG format
  4. 89 user-programmable messages
  5. Narrow, Wide, and extra wide display with up to 8 different fonts
  6. International characters, symbols, animations & graphics available
  7. 27 transition effects, including cyclic, explode, fall, flash, random, periodicrum and scroll display
  8. Different kinds of display speed, pause time
  9. Built-in clock display year, month, weekday, day, hour and minute
  10. Programming via PC or remote control
  11. Memory capacity, 4000 characters in total
  12. Accessories included: remote control, AAA batteries, AC/DC power adaptor, RS232 cable & mounting brackets



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