LED Module


P3 Indoor Full color Module

  • High brightness /refresh rate
  • Vivid and colorful display
  • Impact resistant,adapt to kinds of weather
  • Energy-saving, high luminance,low thermal, environment-friendly

  • Product Description:

    P3 Indoor Display has clear and stable pictures without distortion and disturbance. It used adopting first-class chips and wafers imported from abroad.Distribution scanning and Modulation design techn

    Key Features

    Ultra brightness LED and high quality plastic parts
    High contrast will reach excellent display effect
    Constant voltage mode drives LED, inform luminance, low power consumption
    Every pixel is composed of 1R1G1B
    Simple / Easy install & dismantle

    Mechanical Diagram


    Item P3 SMD Full color module
    Pixel Pitch
    64 x 32 Dots
    Lamp Configuration
    1R+1G+1B (SMD2121 black lamp)
    Brightness >=1,800 cd/m²
    Viewing Angle 140°
    The Maximum Power Consumption
    <=1,200 W/m2
    Best Viewing Distance
    Color Temperature
    Power Voltage 100~220Vac; 50~60 Hz
    Physical Density
    111,111 /m²
    Driving Mode
    Life Time (from 100%~0%)
    100,000 hrs
    Working Temperature
    -15°C ~ +50°C
    Operating Humidity
    15% ~ 85% RH
    Refresh Rate
    >1,000 Hz/s

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